Sun Damage and Your Home

While you may not think in terms of sun damage as it impacts your home furnishings, the fact is sunlight takes it’s toll on your draperies, carpets, upholstered furniture and even your woods! Here are a few tips to help you forestall sun damage in your home:

  • • Find a way to incorporate shades and blinds into your decorating scheme. Blinds and shades take the brunt of the sun’s fore, and in the process protect your draperies, which otherwise would be the first line of defense.

  • • Fully closing blinds or lowering shades when the draperies are drawn will protect them further. If you’re out for the day, make it a practice to close the blinds before you leave.

  • • Lined draperies have a longer useful life than unlined draperies; the lining will succumb to the suns effects before the face fabric. Often the lining can be removed or replaced, thereby extending the life of the drapery.

  • • Rotate your draperies. If possible rotate draperies that are exposed to direct sunlight with draperies that are either protected by walls or have a different exposure.

  • • Avoid purchasing draperies in the same fabric as upholstered pieces. The fact is that no matter how many precautions you take, a certain amount of sun fading is inevitable, but as long as the patterns aren’t identical, a slight color loss won’t be noticeable.

  • • Be sure to close your windows when the sun isn’t shining or rain is forecasted. Watermarks are among the most difficult to remove stains on draperies.

  • • If your windows sweat (build up condensate) take measures to keep your draperies away from them. The condensate will cause water rings the nemesis of draperies.

  • • If you’re thinking about window replacements, consider UV-filtering glass, it will help prevent ultra –violet rays from wreaking havoc on your home furnishings.

  • • Finally, when the heating or cooling season is upon you, make sure your drperies are not in front of the air intake or discharge vents. Your don’t want you draperies acting as an air filter.