DEC Holding Meetings About Rule Changes -

Oct 27,28, 31 and Nov 1

DEC has scheduled four meetings starting October 27th around the state (Albany Oct. 27th, Buffalo Oct. 28th , Long Island City Oct. 31st and Stony Brook Nov. 1st) to present their proposal. (See attached Fact Sheet for proposal details - scroll down for Korean and Spanish translations)

YOU must take action NOW!

NCA is opposed to a perc phase out, a phase out of petroleum transfer operations and the extent of proposed regulations for alternative solvent users.

We need your help to make sure your State Legislators and the Governor KNOW that you are opposed to a perc phase out and you oppose the over regulation of dry cleaners using alternative solvents.

Click here for all NCA's talking points supporting our position, but more importantly, click here to connect to a hyper link that will allow you to automatically send an email to your State Senator, Assemblyperson and Governor's offices expressing your opposition. (your representatives will be automatically identified for you when you enter your zip code.  At that point you will also see the entire contents of the letter.)

Don't stop with an email, though. Pick up the phone or drop by your local legislators' (the name of your Senator and Assemblyperson will appear on the right side of the screen when you send the email) office and voice your concern about changes to existing regulations, which are aggressively protective of the environment and burdensome to small businesses.

If you have any questions, please call us 212.967.3002. NCA will be at ALL meetings and is actively involved in this effort. We have already met with and/or spoken to some elected officials, but your efforts on the local level are critical to our success or failure in this endeavor.


Go here for DEC proposal in English.

Go here
for DEC proposal in Korean.


Go here for Spanish version of DEC proposal.