The better dry cleaners among you embraced wetcleaning early on, and over the years have successfully mastered the art and the science of wetcleaning, BUT that doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels.

Every year the equipment and chemical manufacturers introduce new designs, products, features and formulations that professional wetcleaners need to know about.

AND, every year the fashion industry puts a new spin on designs, blends and even care instructions.
AND every summer clients bring you more and more white garments of all fabrics, types and styles - and safely and successfully wetcleaning the color blocked black and white ones, becomes more and more of a challenge.
And each year you think about tapping into the UGGs cleaning market, but never get around to doing it yourself and grabbing this fast-growing revenue stream

This class is for those of you who want to stay the best wetcleaners in your market, as well as those of you who want to become the best.

During this 7+ hour class Ann will be working with, demonstrating and discussing:

,1.  The latest wetcleaning equipment on the market

2.  Old and new wetcleaning chemicals

3.  The best techniques for handing metallic, black and white, spandex and other 'problem' garments in water.

4. UGGs cleaning - the best and safest way to process them when you tap into this lucrative market

5. the latest from the FTC hearings and why PROFESSIONAL WETCLEANING instruction might be something in the future for care labels
and lots, lots more.

There will be enough time for you to test yourself and use your new found skills, along with the opportunity to question and work with someone who has been deemed the Queen of Wetcleaning, Ann Hargrove.
To find out more, or to reserve your spot - give Ann a call at 800.888.1622 or email her at  Due to hands on nature of the class, registration is limited, so don't delay.